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Our trusted team has extensive experience in LASIK surgery. We have been serving the area for more than 25 years.

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Utilizing the latest advanced technology, we offer options to best fit your lifestyle.

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Some frequently asked questions about LASIK:

Are you a candidate?
Our expert team can perform a free consultation for you. Many candidates for LASIK are over 18 and have had the same prescription for one to two years. You will undergo a comprehensive eye exam and assessment to determine if LASIK is suited to the condition of your eyes, your overall medical situation, and your lifestyle. Click here to learn more about LASIK.
Will insurance cover LASIK?
Medical insurance does not typically cover the cost of LASIK. Our team can work with you to discuss finance options. Many patients choose to use their Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account.
How much does LASIK cost?
The cost may vary. If you factor in the cost of glasses and contact lenses over the years, the investment in LASIK is the same. Many patients wonder why they did not do this sooner making LASIK worth the investment.
Does LASIK hurt?
Many patients experience little to no discomfort during or after LASIK.
Will I be able to see immediately?
Every case is unique, but many patients can read across the room immediately after LASIK. Your vision may be cloudy for the first few hours, but it will subside. Click here to learn more about post-procedure.
Do I need to miss work for LASIK?
Typically, a patient will miss one day of work one the procedure day. The next day a follow-up appointment is required, but would not take a full day.
What do I need to know about the surgery?
Click here to learn more about what you will need to do before, during and after your LASIK surgery.
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